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Here at the PM Premier we use our knowledge and experience to assist individual and corporate clients through the local market in all its guises…


When you are looking for an estate agent and are sizing up our competition we are certain that we will be more than a match for anyone. We have big ideas and ambition to match, and our boutique style approach to property and experience across all things property has given us an enviable client list. We are trusted with projects of all shapes and sizes and we always aim to repay your trust with a service range and provision to match anyone in the market.

Whether a corporate asset manager needing a local agent, or a homeowner needing a trust worthy, reliable tradesman we will be happy to assist either personally or through our network of trusted and vetted contractors.

We can assist in all aspects of the property market from sourcing below market properties for the serious investor to getting a leaky tap fixed for a tenant. All this means is that you can get on with what you are good at whilst we get on with the stuff we are passionate about (and pretty good at too!).

We are constantly looking at ways of adding to and improving our service and this has meant our company always being at the forefront of any new ways of making property easier from a helicopter video recording of a massive estate, showcasing it in all its glory and splendour to a small video showcase we do for all our properties for sale, we pride ourselves in being a bit different and getting the job done in a certain way. This means when you engage our services we will always measure up to your high expectations, in fact that’s a PM Premier promise.